Thursday, October 29, 2020

2020-10-29 Otis Update, Echo Mt and Riverbend VOC Testing

At Echo Mt. Water System, we have fixed a number of leaks and have been able to successfully operate the well pump for nearly two weeks. Both remaining water reservoirs are currently full and all homes have water service. We are continuing to develop plans to rebuild a pump house at the primary well, which will increase security and reliability. 

VOC samples were collected at Echo Mt. Water System and Riverbend Water System in early October. Fortunately, the results of those samples showed no increased levels of VOC contaminants in the water. This indicates that the fire did not negatively impact distribution lines. Links to the sample results are provided below: 

Echo Mt Test Results

Riverbend Test Results

As a precaution, we are working with OHA to determine whether additional VOC testing would be appropriate, particularly at Echo Mt. Water System. Likewise, there are steps each resident can take to ensure the integrity and safety of each home's plumbing. The State of Oregon has provided a letter (linked below) that provides helpful information, including information about flushing, testing, and treating water. 

  • Customer Guidance Regarding Water Quality in Buildings Located in Areas Damaged by Wildfire
  • We are optimistic that outages will not continue to occur regularly at Echo Mt. Water System. If you experience an outage, please contact our office (503-554-8333) immediately so we can address the situation. Also, if you notice leaks, please report those to our office. Although water service has been restored, we are continuing to keep the boil water guidance in place for Echo Mt. Water System at this time.