Friday, November 19, 2021

Westwood Boil Water Lifted

 Attention Westwood water users:

In consultation with Lincoln County Environmental Health, we are happy to inform you that the water in the Westwood Water System (PWS 41-00567) has been declared safe to drink again.

We are currently using two temporary storage tanks and have activated our backup well. With these provisions, we expect the water system to provide continuous service while the permanent reservoir is being repaired. Although the boil water advisory was issued as a precaution, all water samples drawn since it was issued have indicated no presence of E. coli or any other bacteria.

Thank you to everyone for your patience throughout this process. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office toll-free at 855-554-8333 or email us at


Hiland Management

Friday, November 12, 2021

Westwood Update

Last week two small tanks were connected and put into use for temporary service while the large tank is being repaired. Unfortunately, the limited capacity of the tanks combined with the low yield of the well proved insufficient to maintain consistent water service to the community. 

We have been continuing to work toward restoration of the second well to supplement our pumping capacity and received lab results this week that indicated the water in the second well is still suitable for use. This week we reconnected the second well and installed chlorination treatment for it. The well was put into service yesterday and we believe it will give sufficient supply to keep the temporary tanks full with interruption to water service.

Due to the intermittent use of the large reservoir over the last week and the introduction of the second well to the water system, our operators do not recommend removing the boil water notice at this time. Our water samples have consistently indicated that no e coli or coliform are present in your drinking water, however. We will continue to take samples and are hopeful that the boil water guidance can be rescinded soon.

Thank you-Hiland Water

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Westwood update Nov 3, 2021

Yesterday, two water tanks were delivered to Westwood for temporary use. Our technicians are constructing piping today that will allow us to fill those tanks. We are hopeful that they will be put into service and the old reservoir will be removed from service in the coming days. After that, water samples will be taken and once lab results show the water is safe to drink, we will notify you that the water is safe to drink again.

We are continuing to work on plans to repair the permanent water tank so it can be used when the weather warms up again. Thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding.

Hiland Water