Thursday, October 28, 2021

Westwood Water Quality Update

Last week, our technicians reported damage discovered in the roof of our water storage reservoir and requested that the water users be given a boil water advisory based on the risk that the water could be contaminated. Since then, we have worked to put together a plan to resolve this issue.

As water users were being contacted about the potential contamination, our technicians installed a tarp over the roof of the reservoir to minimize potential contamination and prevent debris from entering the reservoir. The sample taken from the water system that day, however, indicated that E.coli and coliform were not present in the water.

Repairing the reservoir will not be an easy project and will not happen quickly so we have determined that the most expedient way to remove the boil water advisory is to construct a smaller temporary storage reservoir for use until the roof of the permanent reservoir can be repaired. Once the temporary reservoir is in place, we will be able to remove the boil water advisory. It is our expectation that the repair of the permanent reservoir will be complete in spring 2022. That will allow us to clean the tank and put it back in service before the high demand summer season.

Additionally, we have been continuing our effort to increase the yield of our sources in anticipation of increased demand again next summer. We have removed the old pump and installed a new pump in the backup well, which hasn't been used in many years. It appears to have a stronger capacity than the main well, but initial lab results revealed some concerns about it's water quality. We have continued to rehab the second well's pump house and are further exploring the water quality.

~Hiland Water

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Westwood Boil Water Notice

While meter reading in the system, our operators discovered an issue with the Westwood reservoir. We are advising all Westwood water customers to boil their water until repairs are complete. Please call the office with any further questions. We apologize for any inconvenience,

Thank you.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Bear Creek Water outage

 There is currently a water outage in the Bear Creek Water system.

We have a technician on route to determine the cause and hope to have water service back soon.

Thanks for your patience

Hiland Staff