Friday, October 2, 2020

2020-10-02 Otis Update

Echo Mt. Our primary well pump has been reconnected to Pacific Power and has been put back in service. It will take a while to re-pressurize the distribution water lines and fill the tanks, but we expect water service to be restored to remaining homes in the coming days. We will be following typical water sampling protocol to verify the absence of coliform and e-coli in the water. As an additional precaution, we will be testing for elevated VOC's in the water because of concerns related to impact on our PVC lines from the fire. Notices have been distributed Please be prepared to potentially not consume water for an extended period of time due to these concerns and the loss of our chlorination treatment due to the fire. 

Riverbend - we are taking the same precaution to not drink or boil the water until we can verify there are not elevated VOC's in the water. Notices have been distributed. Thank you for your patience as we wait for VOC test results.

Boulder/Bear Creek. We are not taking the same precautions regarding restrictions to the drinking water because no structures were lost in these areas due to fire.