Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Oregon wind and fire event

In our current situation of unprecedented fires in the State of Oregon, we are continuing to work to provide water to our customers as much as possible.  Hiland manages many different water systems throughout the State of Oregon, many of which have been impacted by fires and power outages. Many of our systems rely on power to run pumps and equipment. As power outages persist, we are working to use generators where we are able. Even with our efforts, water outages will likely continue to occur. We will continue to respond as we are able. With the unpredictability of the situation, we are adapting. We hope each of our customers remains safe and is able to navigate this situation.

Water shortages are more common in hot weather.  With the additional strain of our current situation, we ask that all customers use water wisely.  If possible, please reduce excess usage.

Hiland Water