Monday, September 14, 2020

Fire and windstorm in the Otis area update September 14, 2020

Here are a few questions and answers about our current status in the Otis area.

Q: Is the water back on? If not, when will it be back on?
A: The effects of the windstorms and wildfires over the last week have been detrimental to our facilities in some critical areas of our water systems in Otis. Please see the following answers depending on your area.

    (1) Water systems referred to as Echo Mountain and Riverbend have an unknown status. We are working with local authorities to get a better idea of the damage to the system     but do not anticipate having water restored soon. As soon as the fire is more contained and we have more solidified answers we will provide them. For a daily update on the     fire damage and containment level, please go to
    (2) Water systems referred to as Bear Creek and Boulder Creek have power outages and mainline breaks that have occurred as a result of the inflicting weather and hindered     our ability to pump water. Our crews are working to remove the debris and fallen trees blocking access to our facilities as well as fix any known mainline leaks in the area. With     the power not being restored yet, we have brought in backup generators to pump water during normal business hours and will be monitored by our team on site only during     the week day. The water provided by pumping with the generators should used at a basic level for household items only and is not for irrigation or consumption unless it has     been boiled. Water that has been boiled for one minute will be safe to drink. The boil water notice will remain in effect until regular power is restored.

Q: I had water this morning but now I don't. Should I call Hiland?
A: Water service may be intermittent until the power is restored. The generators will only be pumping during week days. We ask customers to please conserve water to allow the reservoirs to fill and allow for more consistent water service.

Q: I had to evacuate my house. I came back and don't have any water but all of my neighbors do. What should I do?
A: Give our office a call. If we found water running through your meter during the evacuation, we shut it off to conserve and help restore the reservoir levels. We can have a technician restore water when you return.

Q: My house burned down during the evacuation. What is my bill going to look like?
A: Please give our office a call to discuss your options as it is dependent on your particular situation. We will do our best to partner with you during this difficult time.

For reference, here is a before and after picture of one of our reservoir and pump stations. Please stay safe and look out for each other.