Friday, July 23, 2021

Westwood Update

 As we continue to struggle with your water supply, we wanted to provide a brief update about what's going on currently. 

The well continues to produce water at a slower rate than it has in previous years, but it is continuously pumping and has not gone dry. Although we identified and fixed a minor leak in the distribution system on Wednesday, the demand of the water system has continued to outpace what the well is producing. We understand that more residents are now living in the community on a full-time basis than has been the case in the past and we are working to adapt to that. 

There is a well driller that has cleaned out the well in the past, which has increased the yield of the well. He has been retained to do that work again, but has not been able to commit to an exact date. At this time, he believes it will occur Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. The pump will be out of commission while that work is being done and we will provide as much notice as we can when we know exactly when the work will begin. Multiple other well drillers have been contacted in hopes that they could do the work sooner and none have been able to assist us. 

We have also been in touch with a local water hauler to provide short-term relief. Their capacity is limited and they do not have availability to deliver water until Tuesday. In the meantime, our staff is constructing a connection point and an exterior fill pipe for the reservoir so that it can receive water from a truck. Access to the reservoir may be difficult, but we are hopeful that water can be pumped from a water hauling truck into the reservoir if the need still exists.

In addition to the work happening right now, we are starting to formulate plans to make the supply more robust in the long-term and look into ways that our response to outages can be more effective in the future. We will work to communicate those improvements to you as they occur.

An email blast has been sent out to customers who have information in our data base.  If you would like your email added to your account, please email with your account number.

We know these problems have lasted far longer than usual and we are so grateful for the patience so many of you have afforded us while we continue to work toward short-term and long-term solutions to the water supply issues we face.