Thursday, June 27, 2019

Echo Mtn - Back up Well

Echo Mountain customers may notice a smell of rotten eggs when they turn on the faucet.  We have turned on the back up well.  This unpleasant odor is from sulfur. As soon as we can we will shut the back up well off. 

Thank you,

Hiland Water

The information below was taken from the Oregon Health Authority Drinking Water website.  This explains why water smells like sulfur and what causes the smell.

Many well owners notice the rotten egg smell only occasionally, or perhaps seasonally. This occurs as a result of the amount of recharge water arriving at the aquifer from the surface, or in the summer because the extent of drawdown of the water table results in a deeper portion of the aquifer being tapped. The actual cause and timing of the variation must be considered on a case-by-case basis. Importantly, the sudden occurrence of the rotten egg smell does not necessarily mean that your drinking water source has been impacted by some pollution event. It probably represents natural variations in water chemistry (See Natural Factors Influencing the Composition of Groundwater at